• Game Update 19.03.2019

    Dear Settlers,

    A game update is scheduled for Tuesday. 

    During this time, the game will be closed.

    Game Update

    • Day: Tuesday, March 19th
    • Game Worlds: Closed
    • Start: Approx. 08:00 CET
    • End: Approx. 12:00 CET
    • Adventures & Premium: Times will be extended

    A change log is posted here.



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  • A One-time Spring Gem package

    Dear Settlers,

    Brace Yourselves, Spring is Coming! Make sure you are prepared for the upcoming Season and get some extra Gems now! You know nothing, Princess Zoe…

    Spring Special Gem Package

    • Start: 13th of March 2019
    • End: 31st of March 2019
    • Bonus: +125%
    • Restrictions: One purchase per player

    If you’re still eligible to purchase a Starter Pack, the Spring Pack will take its place until either it’s bought, or the offer ends. 

    Jump over to the Shop to find out more!

    Happy Spring! 

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  • Chrome update: Flash player

    Dear Settlers,

    The latest versions of Chrome (69) deactivates the Flash plugin be default on all websites every time you close and open the browser. 

    Adobe Flash, Google Chrome logo

    When clicking on «Play now», our website asks you to install Flash. Click on the «Flash player installation»-link. Chrome will ask if it shall activate the Flash Plugin. Click «yes» and enjoy playing The Settlers Online!

    Happy Settling!


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